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Welcome to Prime Title Loans San Diego’s FAQ page and we hope to address all your potential frequently asked questions. Hopefully you’ll get all the important information(s) you seek. If there are some unanswered questions left, visit our San Diego office or contact us at (619)797-6015.

Who is Prime Title Loans San Diego?

We have been the best title loan company commenced years ago in San Diego to help people who desire available, short term loans. Auto title loans are more straightforward and quicker than home equity loans and steadier than payday loans. Our office is located between C Street and Broadway on Park Boulevard in San Diego.

So what is a car title loan?

A car title loan is mostly a short term loan levied on your vehicle. Basically a lien will placed on your auto as you keep on driving it. When your loan is paid in full, the vehicle will be 100% yours again and we release this title back to you. Generally known as pink slip loan, auto finance, automobile pawn loans, or auto title loan.

What are the Criteria?

  1. – Lowest car worth must be $2500.00.
  2. – The car must not exceed ten years.
  3. – Loan candidate must be 18 years old (minimum).

What’s necessary to sign up for a car title loan?

  1. – Proof of Insurance coverage
  2. – Automotive title (totally free and clear of liens)/ Auto Registration
  3. – Driver’s License

How much can I borrow?

The loan amount is determined upon the price of your automobile and that will be decided based on your motor vehicle’s evaluation. Various things along the lines of make, model, year, miles together with the state of your car can impact the amount of money you can borrow against your vehicle. We are able to offer you with a swift, vague estimate over the telephone (pending our inspection of the automobile to give you a more precise quote). This rate is provided for free, privately and could be carried out quickly. Feel free to contact us at (619)797-6015.

Can I keep my vehicle?

Indeed, it’s your vehicle so it’s yours to keep. You’ll never have to give your car to us to levy your title for collateral. We will, however, retain your title until the loan is fully paid off. Once it is, then the title will completely restored back to the owner of the vehicle.

Do I need any additional assets?

Never, your automobile is normally the collateral.

What if I have a recorded bankruptcy or just possess bad credit?

Neither of the two conditions, bad credit or a bankruptcy, is going to instantly deny the loan request. Simply because your automotive is the guarantee, Prime Title Loans San Diego is the best alternative for people with a bad credit scores that can’t otherwise be granted a conventional loan. Prime Title Loans San Diego is able to provide you with the money you need through an auto title loan.

How long does a loan approval take?

Essentially, you’ll put the forms together with the assistance of one of our pleasant reps and s/he will process it. Assuming all your documents are complete, the loan consent procedure is only approximately 1 hour wait. Money is provided immediately once you’re approved and you also signed the contract. Our goal is to make this process easy and effortless for our clients.

What is the Expected term for a Loan?

The term of a title loan are vastly different, based on the personal payment plan you decide. Some customers may wish to pay off a loan in a year while some need to pay it back during a five year period.

If a standard payment can’t be made then what should I do?

If you find yourself struggling to make your minimum amount payment by your due date, telephone (619)797-6015 in order to create a different repayment arrangement.

Can I Completely Pay-off My Own Loan Ahead of Time?

Certainly, if you take care of any Prime Title Loans San Diego’s loan back before its due time, you’ll save a lot more money! If you designed a 12 month loan payment contract but pay it off before then, you save the interest rate charges with the left over months. This means you should never pay for longer than the actual months your loan is unsettled.

How can I adjust my payment date?

Before the arranged expected payment date, you realize you cannot make compensation, contact (619)797-6015 to request an extension.

How could I clear my loan completely?

To compensate your loan in full, call up (619)797-6015 to ask for a loan pay off. You are allowed to pay off your car title loan whenever. Prime Title Loans San Diego will not punish you for paying your loans off early and will definitely prorate your payment sum.

Are my personal information(s) secured?

Your information is absolutely secured and will be only shared with particular parties in accordance with our privacy policy for the purpose of fraud prevention and detection.

Now that your concerns about car title loans have been addressed,you are now equipped to apply for one immediately. Come to our San Diego office or contact one of our personable team members to get started.